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Custom Overlays


GB Frank is the largest manufacturer of overlays in the bankcard industry. Customize your equipment with overlays to fit virtually any terminal on the market. Include your logo, company colors, key designation, help desk/merchant support phone numbers, and website. Brand your credit card terminal with durable overlays and decals produced by GB Frank. 

With artwork and sample terminal, we can create any size. We currently print decals for these terminals:

• T7E/T7P/T7Plus

• Tranz 330/380

• Omni 396/420/460/3200/3750

• Vx510 (Omni 3730)

• Vx520/570

• T4100

• T4205

• T4210/20/30

• Elite 510

• Nurit 2085/3000/8320

• XD1000/2000

• Everest/Everest +

• Talento

• iCT220 PinPad

• iCT250

• MX870

• VivoPay 4000

• RoamPay Mobile Payment Device

Durable Construction for years may outlast your terminal!

Contact us for pricing and leadtimes.